Advance construction
& Development Ltd.

Advance Construction & Development Ltd. or ACDL is a multi-dimensional civil construction company operating in Ghana since 1998.  We have a professional construction management team including a Project Manager, Civil Engineer, multiple supervisors (currently 7) and qualified technical staff.


Innovative solutions
for your creative projects

We have established working relationships with top subcontractors including roofing, metal trusses, drywall & partition,  landscape, electrical specialist, fire control and others. 

At Advance Construction & Development Ltd (ACDL) we adopt to innovative solutions that works perfectly for your projects  

Service & Affiliate

We are the nominated maintenance company for both Japan Motors and Silver Star Tower.  We have done preventive and reactive maintenance successfully over the last two decades. We also work with local quality (Ghanaian) manufacturers including: 

  •  Interplast:
    Electrical & plumbing pipes and PVC windows
  • Polytank:
    water tanks and garbage bins 
  • Hiralco:
    Shingles (
    fibreglassroofing and specialty concrete chemicals 
  • Ghacem & CeMA:
    Cements for both reinforcement concrete and plastering
  • Nexus & Tropical Cables:
    Electrical cables for both industrial & residential uses

We believe we can work with the professional customers who  uses architects and other qualified consultant to project manage their unique building construction.

Creative Spirits

We embrace new technology, innovation and pursuit of excellence by running in-house courses with tests but also attending external courses and seminars.  Some innovations which we have adopted over the last decade include:

  1. Concrete Wall System (CWS or 3D)
  2. PV & Thermal Solar System
  3. LED Lightening
  4. Inverter Air conditioning
  5. Smart building solutions (CCTV with NVR, access control, sliding gates, etc.)

Great Team Work

Expert Solutions

Frank Acquah (11)

Our company is a collection of technical professionals who build and manufacture resilient products